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Traveling Classrooms has released the following statement regarding COVID-19:

To Whom This May Concern,

We are being overwhelmed by parent phone calls, emails and text messages as expected. The fastest way to get ahold of anyone with our company is via email to 

This spring, we have 52 scheduled departures totaling close to 5,000 students + chaperones going these tours. We simply can't answer individual questions. 

We ask you follow our posted policies.  We are in contact with your school administrators and tour coordinators . Any specific tour questions should be directed to your group leader or school.

 We understand this will not be a "normal" school year. So the question is: What about the trips this fall/spring? 

We have options:

#1. Move the trip to Spring. Several schools have already given dates for this.

#2. Move the trip to the Spring 2021 or Fall 2021.

#3. Cancel the trip completely with no reschedule date.

Here's the problem with Option #3: Our transportation and lodging vendors will move monies to a later date. If total cancellation is the option, receiving full refunds may not be available. There have been costs incurred that may be non-refundable.  As to the actual amount, I can't say at this time.  This goes for many restaurants/attractions as well. It's better for all to reschedule, move the funds than try to refund. Since Traveling Classrooms pays the balances for all trips 4-5 weeks prior to departure these are the trips that are affected. If your school hasn't paid those final payments, this is a non-issue with those trips.

* Big Question:What about the $100 Non-Refundable deposit. Is that refundable? 

That deposit is also part of the total package and would be moved to the rescheduled dates. If the option of total cancellation is selected, there are costs incurred which would not be refunded. All trips would be affected by this policy whether the trip has been paid in full or not. Again, please refer to your school flyer or our website for those policies.

So, where does that leave us?

We really don't know. This situation is completely out of our control. These trips and their departures will be regulated by our government. When we are permitted to go, we go.

Please listen to Gov. DeWine's "State Orders" so we can get back up and running more quickly.
Let's follow the govt. requests, get this issue taken cleared up then resume our way of life as we know it.

If you know of any parents who do not follow Traveling Classrooms on social media either on Facebook or our website, please ask them to join us. We will use these media platforms to keep our clients informed.

Please check back daily on Facebook or our website.

For the past 34 years of business, we have seen more than a few trip postponement issues. We worked through those in the best interests of our clients, we will do it again.


Bob Jackson. Owner
Traveling Classrooms​