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 Tour Flyer Distribution
  Every student per grade level receives a tour flyer at least 4-6 months prior to tour departure. The flyer contains the tour dates, tour components,    schedule, trip price and payment schedule. The bottom portion of the flyer is returned with the initial deposit. The upper portion can be kept for you  to reference information.

 Deposit Day Deadline
 We have a deposit day deadline for all trips. Out company confirms these number of motor coaches/hotel rooms required based on those numbers.  Returning the deposit on or before that deadline is very important. A student is guaranteed a spot on the trip if the deposit is received by the deposit  deadline day. The deposits are non-refundable, as they are distribute to various vendors confirming group reservations. Students who submit  deposits after the deposit deadline day are on a "space available basis." If confirmed on the trip, those deposits are also non-refundable. If no space  is available, the deposit is refunded.

 Final Payment Deadline
 The final payment deadline is usually 4-5 weeks prior to departure. Final payments not paid by the deadline could cancel the student's reservation.  Final payment refunds are only available 22+ days prior to departure. Canceling 21 days or less from departure will result in partial or all loss of the  entire final payment. Traveling Classrooms vendor contracts require full payment 21 days prior to tour departure. Once paid, those funds are non  refundable to Traveling Classrooms, thus non refundable to the student.

 Roommate Selection Process

 Roommates are selected by the students shortly after the final payment deadline. Our tour pricing is based on "4 students per room." Rooms of 3  are only available if there is an odd number of girls/boys. Example: 9 girls remain without rooms after all others are assigned to rooms of 4. In this  case, those 9 students would be divided up into rooms of 3. Our hotels will not allow rooms of 5. If your student can't find a room of 4 we suggest  getting one friend. We will then combine those students with another group of 2 students ending with a total of 4 in that room. *All hotels have 2  queen beds. Your student will share a bed with another student. No cots are available due to fire safety hazards with two beds already in the rooms.  *BTW: These lodging guidelines are the same for high school and middle school groups.

 Hoodie/ T-Shirt Sizes
 During roommate selection, we ask the students what size apparel is desired. Please note these are adult sizes, but small is extremely small. I  suggest one size larger that needed as they might shrink a bit. Students will wear attire for all three days of the tour, and may be layered if needed.

 Luggage and Carry-On Bag

 Each student is allowed one piece of luggage that is store under the bus. Students, supervised by bus drivers, will place their luggage under the bus.  That luggage will not be available until arrival at the hotel, so please plan accordingly. Most schools have luggage inspection prior to the process. It  is not meant to be intrusive, but for the safety of all. Each student is permitted one carry-on bag no larger than a backpack. Items in that bag may  be snacks, bottled water, electronics, books, ect. *Please note: students are not permitted to take backpacks into any building other than their hotel.  Backpacks and bags must be left on the tour bus while sightseeing.

 Motorcoach Transportation
 All buses have seats for 56 passengers. There is a center isle with two seats on each side. School chaperones select the seating arrangements with all  roommates riding on the same bus. It is suggested roommates sit near each other. The bus list will be posted prior to departure. Buses will be  numbered. Many buses have WIFI and electrical outlets available. All have DVD monitor systems and restrooms