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Payments and REfunds

Traveling Classrooms

Traveling Classrooms can assist in the collection process.  Our representatives will set up tables for collection in your school. Many times, it’s upon arrival, other times are during lunch periods. We always provide a daily tally sheet for the school and of course receipts are given to all students

Traveling Classrooms can also provide schools an invoice for school treasurer checks.

Parents may mail payments to our post office box:

Traveling Classrooms 
P.O. Box 35926
Canton, Ohio 44735.

**If mailing payment, you must include your student's name, school and grade along with payment.


Traveling Classrooms accepts the following payment types: 

          1. Personal Check
          2. Money Order
          3. Cash
          4. School Treasurer Check

          5. WeTravel Payment Portal

**To submit a digital payment or for more payment information,
click here** 


  • A non-refundable deposit is due 4-6 months prior to your trip's departure

  • Fall departure deposits are due by June 1st

  • Spring departure deposits are due by November.

  • Final payments are due 4-6 weeks prior to departure.


  • The deposit is non-refundable.. That payment is used to secure transportation, hotel, meal and attraction deposits, as well as office expenses incurred over the many months of trip planning. 

  • In special situations, deposits can be returned less costs incurred by Traveling Classrooms.

  • The final payment is refundable 28 days prior to departure. 

  • 27 days from departure date only $50 is refundable.

Traveling Classrooms has a strict refund policy. Refunds will be based on this policy alone and not on a case-by-case basis, as monies paid are distributed to our vendors 4-8 weeks in advance for reservations.  There are office costs incurred while preparing for departures.


It has always been Traveling Classroom's policy --in cases of any illness or accident where the student can no longer participate in the tour-- that after immediate care, it is the parent's responsibility to retrieve their student and provide further medical care.


The group leader or school must notify Traveling Classrooms of the student's formal removal from the trip.  

Please notify the school or group leader first. Traveling Classrooms requires all individual removals to come directly from the school or group who signed the contract with Traveling Classrooms to operate their tours. When notifying the school or group regarding your student or individual's removal, please include your mailing address and with whom to make any refund payable.  The school or group leader will forward this to our company with their removal notice via email.


If your student is being removed by a parent from a school or group trip due to personal reasons, illness, family/ medical emergency, the refund will be based on the policy stated above and not on a case-by-case basis.   

If an individual is dismissed from a trip due to a violation of the student code of conduct, academic or behavioral issues,  all refund policies will remain in effect as listed above.

If the individual has changed school districts and has made various payments prior to departure, the refund policy remains in effect. *If a student were to transfer to another district where Traveling Classrooms is operating the tour, your payments will transfer with you as long as your student is signed up for the new district's tour. 

Acts of war, terrorism, or reasons beyond our control:
As stated on your group's signed contract, Traveling Classrooms will not be held financially liable for cancellations due to acts of war, terrorism, or reasons beyond our control. Traveling Classrooms will reschedule tours via tour vouchers for all participants. Refunds will be issued less costs incurred if the trip is canceled upon the client's (school district/ group organizer) request.

Any questions regarding refunds that have not been clarified above can be emailed to  

Refunds, where applicable, will be mailed once Traveling Classrooms has received formal notice of student or individual removal by the school or group leader, along with your mailing address and payable specifics. Please keep in mind, we must receive monies mailed back from vendors, which in many cases, is not immediate. We will work as quickly as possible to get refunds back to you.