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Traveling Classrooms

"Specialists in student and group travel since 1986"


We feature 1 or 2 hotels in each city we travel to including Hilton, Sheraton, Mariott, Hyatt and Holiday Inns.

They know us, we know them. We demand the best service from our hotels. We have used these same hotel properties for over 20 years.


Barons Bus Lines located in Parma, OH.

Our Primary carrier for all N.E. Ohio tours is Barons Bus Lines. All are 56 passenger motor coaches equipped with WIFI, electrical outlets, DVD/TV, restrooms and more. All drivers have been approved by Traveling Classrooms prior to their assignment for our tours.


We like to include all meals for your student or participant! Our tours always enjoy a full, hot buffet breakfast at your hotel’s private banquet room. 

Lunches are included at various areas depending on your tour location. Most lunches in Washington DC are adult food court vouchers or boxed lunches. NYC lunches are typically $10-$15 cash rebates so you can enjoy food at various deli restaurants.

Dinners are always buffet, food court vouchers, specialty meals such as Medieval Times, Hard Rock Cafe, Little Italy restaurants, DJ/pizza party or dinner cruises.

Our restaurant vendors know we demand the best food for our tours. Remember, our tour managers receive the same meals as your group!


Your tour will be arranged personally by company owner Bob Jackson.

When you call Traveling Classrooms, you will speak directly with owner Bob Jackson. Traveling Classrooms will come to your school, listen to your ideas and put together a schedule that your school will enjoy.

Chaperone BBQ Meetings: Prior to your departure, we like to provide a BBQ with your tour managers. These are usually right after school for 45 -60 minutes. You will meet your tour manager and discuss the overall tour. The more we know about each other, the better the working relationship is for the tour.


At Traveling Classrooms, we believe in developing a relationship with you and your school. We hand deliver all forms, attend parent meetings, even collect payments at your school if desired.

When you call Traveling Classrooms, you will speak directly with owner Bob Jackson.

Traveling Classrooms will come to your school, listen to your ideas and put together a customized schedule that your school will enjoy.

Traveling Classrooms negotiates with every vendor we use including our bus companies, hotels, restaurants and admission areas. We understand the lower pricing we receive the lower tour price per student gets passed along to the school. This allows more parents to send their student on your trips.

Traveling Classrooms refuses to price gouge. Our tour markup is lower than our competitors. We make a fair profit on our tours, but we will never overprice our product. Even when we know our price is priced $75-$100 lower than our competitors.

Traveling Classrooms is proud to provide quality tours at the lowest pricing available.