This trip is all inclusive except money for souvenirs. Most parents send $20-$40.  The students will keep their own funds. Parents please remember this trip includes custom t-shirts or hoodies which will be worn during this trip.


Shortly after all final payments are in, we have roommate selections. Rooms have 4 persons per room. Hotels will not allow 5 per room.  Rooms with less than 4 only occur when we have an odd number of students left. IE: 6 girls would make 3x3 rooms. 5 boys would make 1x3 and 1x2 per room. If we would have 4 rooms of 3 girls, those would be moved into 3 rooms of 4 girls.


Barons Bus Lines (56 passenger, WIFI, recharging electrical outlets, DVD, emergency restroom equipped) All roommates will ride the same charter bus.


1 bag or suitcase that goes under the bus.  Please note that suitcase will not be available until hotel check-in. Check the forecast and pack accordingly. Rain gear should be packed just in case if unsure.  

* Note: Pack some drinks, snacks in suitcase. Sodas at the hotel are $2.00 per bottle. Please no flip-flop shoes. We do a lot of walking and they are unsafe on escalators.

1 backpack or other small bag that you carry-on with you on the bus. Drinks (water only),snacks, electronics, books, etc. in that bag. 


This trip is an extension of school, so all school policies apply. Any emergency situation will be handled accordingly. All medication must be turned in to school personnel. Medication will be distributed by chaperones.


​Students with special diets, allergies and accessibility concerns should notify their school leader or nurse who turn in a list to our office, so that we can make sure accommodations will be ready at our dining and sightseeing venues.

Most places have a variety of dining options, and we invite the parents to go to the location websites listed on your travel schedule and review what's available ahead of time.  The school or group leader will then supply is with the list of students and their specific needs.


The school will provide those details.  Comfortable walking shoes (tennis shoes), no flip-flops. 

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